Can anyone give me ideas as to why my Samsung Galaxy s3 continues to have a black screen?


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My Samsung Galaxy s3 has already had the glass and LCD replaced/repaired once. After that I bought a Lifeproof case for it thinking that would be the best idea for me and it. Unfortunately since I bought the phone the battery life has been **** on it and only lasts at max without me using it at all maybe 4 hours. So after purchasing it I then had to purchase three interchangeable batteries for it and have been doing that since December of 2013. While in the process of removing it from the Lifeproof case one night to change out the battery, since even putting it on the charger wasnt giving it enough battery and I was going out, the screen yet again cracked!! After that I no longer trusted the lifeproof case so I kept it out. But of course I fell up stairs and dropped it at an odd angle which caused the crack to get worse and some of the bottom glass, where the menu and two side buttons are located, to dislodge from the phone. It still worked fine and to keep remaining and falling out pieces of glass in place I put it back in the Lifeproof case. Again everything on it worked fine at that point. About a month later I was at the Drs and had no charger, a dying cell and had no choice but to again, just EXTREMELY carefully this time, take off the Lifeproof case to change out the battery. While doing that the screen suddenly went black. I at first chalked it up to the battery being dead but it all of a sudden restarted with the lights and sounds... everything... just a completely black screen. I noticed that when I restarted the phone I would get a literal one second flash of the Samsung logo and then it would go black again. Also when I push the power button twice quickly it does flash what I would normally see on the screen but again only for a split second. I have done everything I can find on the internet on how to fix it, ie: removing and replacing the battery, SIM card and SD card, doing a hard reset, hooking it up to Kies3, rooting it and contacting Samsung who is quite honestly only money hungry. But still not having any success in fixing this black screen of death. I was even going to purchase a new LCD screen and digitizer but was informed that if the touch screen part worked then that would only prove to be a waste of money. So PLEASE if anyone has ANY suggestions on what may be wrong and how I may be able to fix it without sending it off to Samsung to be [language redacted by Mod] by them for money I dont have and IF I did Id just purchase a whole new cell, Id REALLY appreciate the imput!!!
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Welcome to Android Central! It seems most likely that your screen is damaged and has to be replaced. This time, I'd highly recommend bringing it to a reliable repair shop, rather than doing the replacement yourself.

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