Can anyone help me activate my Sprint Galaxy S3 on MVNO?


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Dec 1, 2014
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problem activating Sprint galaxy s3 on MVNO

I bought a used galaxy s3 sprint phone with a clean ESN. When I went to activate it on ChitChatMobile everything seemed OK and after my number got ported they sent me instructions to manually reprogram the phone, including the MSL I would need to reprogram the MDN and MSID. I followed instructions but it would not work. Turns out the MSL was actually set to 000000 -- no idea how that happened. So using that I was able to program the MDN and MSID as per instructions. However it would not work. I called customer support at ChitChatMobile and went through lots of tries over the phone. Finally the CSR told me that the phone must have been "flashed" and therefore it will not work on their network. Why is the MSL all 0's? What did she mean it was flashed? Can it be unflashed or have the MSL reset to what it is "supposed" to be? Is there any way to make it work on ChitChatMobile? Can it work on another MVNO like Ting? Can it work on *any* carrier? Any help appreciated.

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