Can anyone help me out with a few questions about rooting/flashing?

Mihai Ilie

Sep 16, 2014
A few questions about rooting/flashing

Hello everyone!

First of all I want to say that I am really a newbie when it comes to rooting/flashing so excuse me if those questions seem to be stupid, but I just want to make sure everything I'll do will be okay.

First of all...I have a galaxy s3 (GT-I9300) from Orange Romania. At the moment I am stuck on their network for 2 more months (when my warranty also expires and they are obliged to unlock my phone for free if I want to) but I want to root my phone as I want to try a few s5 roms and also CM.

At the moment I am on 4.3...and one thing I do not know for if my phone has knox or not. I read a bit snd I saw that some have it and some don't. If it helps phone is about 2 years old.

I also read that sometimes people lose their imei when they modify their phone...and I didn't really understand if anyone can help me with an answer...that would be great.

Basically...what I want to to root my phone...install a custom recovery and install a dual boot I can boot one rom from my internal storage...and one from my sd card. (I read that it is possible to do such a thing)

My plan is to install let's say....blekota's s5 rom on my sd see how it is and If I am pleased with it to install it as my daily driver (insted of this 4.3 version that i have now)...and then install CM on my sd card and keep them like this.

What i found searching through the forums is that those s5 ports work pretty well with boeffla kernel but what I saw is that for dualboot you need a certain kernel, is that right?

So one of my questions is...can I install for example blekota's s5 on my sd card and then somehow install boeffla kernel for this rom?

Also...what about the bootloader? I tried to read a little bit about it and if I should unlock it or not for those operations...but I am not sure.

Also..if I install those roms...will my network still work? I saw some guys saying that they had problems with they networks.

And finally, if I install a Rom...and everything works fine...even the network...and after those two months i go with my phone at the orange store...will they still unlock it for free as they are supposed to?

I hope someone will help me with those questions..and excuse me if they were answered before.

Have a great day!

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