Can anyone help me with some problems I am having rooting my phone?


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I have some problems for rooting my phone....


I tried a lot of time to root my Tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 – SM-T535, Android version 4.4.2) with Kingo and others, I did not success. The 'USB Debbuging' is ticked off.
Could you give with some tips*? Thank you for your help.


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: I have some problems for rooting my phone....

Try Towel Root. (I can't post the link - the forum throws a security error - but Google will find it for you). Kingo won't work on 4.4+ versions of Android, and they have no plans to work on a version for it. Towel runs as an app on the phone (no computer needed) and uses an exploit in Linux itself, so it's pretty device-independent.