Can anyone help me with some questions about my Galaxy S4?


Apr 29, 2014
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help solve the msyteries of Galaxy S4!

So I got a s4 today with Verizon and I'm going to try it out and see if I like. I experimented with the LG G2 before this, and while I loved much about it, it was just too glitchy. Before that I was using an iphone 4 for awhile.

So after a few hours with the phone, here are my questions so far:

1. Can one control power saving settings? On the G2, one could choose when it got activated, choose which things to put on low power,and the details of each. But I see no such settings on the s4. It just says "power saving" without detailing what exact power saving measures will be taken when you press it.

2. I don't really want sync on (or even mobile data maybe?) as a general battery saving rule, correct? But if I turn either off, I can't refresh my email. (I have it set on manual). Thoughts?

3. When I hit the little update symbol on the weather widget on the home page to get the current temperature, it suggests I turn on high accuracy mode in locations first. I I just want the current temperature without seeing this prompt every time or having to change my settings. I've never seen a request like this before on any previous phone. Can I get rid of it somehow?

4. Can I change the style of the icons? Message and email look too similar, so I might want to change them. (G2 made this very easy to swap different icons).

5. If I read a message in notifcations, can I make it so that pressing 'clear' will reset the mesage counter? It seems like I'll read it, clear it, but the indicator in the messaging app will still show there's 1 message waiting. I have to then go into the messaging app to get rid of it.

6. I have pop-up text message enabled, and text preview. Can I tap or swipe on the message itself when it appears on the lock screen and be taken directly into the messaging app to reply? That's instinctively what I want to do -- press the thing I want to respond to -- but it seems like I might have to unlock the screen first to get into messaging. I'd love to skip this step like I could on other phones.

7. in blocking mode, is there a setting that allows a repeat caller from an unknown number to bypass the block and ring if they call twice in three minutes? LG and iphone have this, and It's a feature I value in case someone is trying to reach me from an unfamilar phone.

8. Suddenly the screen time out didn't honor my 1 minute time out setting, but stayed on indefinitely. A reboot fixed it -- for now. But will it happen again? I has plauged by this same problem periodically with my LG Lucid. It ain't fun.

So those are my questions so far, and I'm sure I'll have others. Thanks for any input on these.
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