Can anyone help with a few questions I have regarding switching from LG Viper to HTC One (E8)?


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Nov 20, 2014
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Switching from LG Viper to HTC One (E8) - SD card question

I am in the process of switching from my old LG Viper 4G LTE running Android 4.0.4 to a brand new HTC One (E8) running Android 4.4.2 and HTC Sense 6. I have done all the assisted switching over from old to new - contacts, photos, music, etc. There are, however, at least two items that didn't make the switch (or, I cannot be sure they have as I cannot seem to find them) and that I need. Currently, these two apps (a simple notepad and very simple diary/journal/moment-keeper), back up my short little entries into their dedicated respective folders on my SD card.

What I want to know is, if I install the same app on my new phone and then mount the old SD card into the new phone and move the app on new phone to SD card (which I can do with both of these) will my entries be visible in the newly installed app on the new phone? Also, if this is so, should I install the apps on the new phone first and then mount SD card and move app to card or should I mount card first and then install apps on new phone and then switch apps to card (or would this make a difference)?

One more tiny thing, not a big deal. There's this icon on, I guess it's the status bar (over on the right by my wiFi icon, time, battery level, etc.), it sort of looks like two of the Android's heads (looks like antennae), one opposite the other, slashed through with a diagonal bar. I cannot find what that possibly stands for, it is driving me guano!! Any hint?

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: Switching from LG Viper to HTC One (E8) - SD card question

Welcome to Android Central! Were the notepad and journal apps from the old phone preinstalled, or were they apps you installed from Google Play? I suspect they were preinstalled LG apps, which means they won't be available nor compatible with the HTC phone. Even if were able to find the files that contain those memos or journals, it's unlikely that they could be read on the HTC phone. This is the big disadvantage of using those simple notepad apps that come on lots of phones--they don't sync with anything, and aren't compatible with any other app. It's better to keep notes on Google Drive or Google Keep, because those notes will sync automatically to your Google account in the cloud, and thus be immediately available anywhere else you're logged in.

As for the icon, can you post a screenshot?