Can AT&T Use the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (Toro) on their Network?


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Dec 22, 2009
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my dad is trying to get an entry level smartphone so i thought i'd give him my galaxy nexus. he's on at&t though. just wondering if it would work. also, he has a regular size sim card. can he just go to an at&t store and ask for a smaller sim card to be able to fit in the galaxy nexus? thanks for any help.


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Feb 24, 2012
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re: Can AT&T Use the Verizon Galaxy Nexus (Toro) on their Network?

I do not think this is possible for this specific phone because of the bands that each device has access to via hardware options. It may be possible to hack the LTE connectivity, but as far as I know the Toro (Verizon version) is only set up to use CDMA/EV-DO and Band 13 LTE while the Maguro (GSM unlocked version) only has GSM/HSPA/HSPA+21 hardware and no LTE option on board. Essentially, it wouldn't be able to get calls or connect to mobile data.


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Apr 23, 2011
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No it will not work on AT & T. However it would work on Sprint. Different Radios in it. Hope that helps.

The radios support it however Sprint requires phones on their network to be in their database, otherwise Sprint would refuse to activate it.

Same with Verizon, they will not allow you to activate a Sprint phone on their network.

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