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Can deleted WhatsApp database be recovered

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I deleted my WhatsApp database folder on my phone's internal memory. Can the .db.crypt12 files be recovered?
Or the new ones overwrite them?


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Feb 6, 2017
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Feb 12, 2012
Whether the new ones overwrite the old ones is a matter of chance, but you can recover the deleted ones the same as you can recover any deleted files - an app like DiskDigger undelete. (t will take the paid version to undelete a .crypt file.) The phone has to be rooted (to undelete any file - even programs that claim to do it with unrooted phones first root the phone, then undelete the file, then sort of unroot the phone - but when you try to get an update, you may find that it fails, because there are still traces of the phone having been rooted). And, since WhatsApp is running, you'll have to undelete the deleted files to slightly different names, freeze WhatsApp, delete the new files and rename the old files back to what they should be. Then unfreeze WhatsApp and you should be good. (Link2SD will take care of the freezing and unfreezing, and it's free.)


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Aug 17, 2019
Thank you for your response. I understood a good deal of it. I have a few follow ups though.

1. So, WhatsApp claims to have chat backups only for the past 7 days in phone internal memory. Does it overwrite the existing files with new backups or new ones are created? If new ones are created and the deleted db.crypt files can be recovered meaning any chat at any past time can still be recovered using undeleter. Am I right?

2. There is no way of permanently deleting your chats then?
You can always recover the .db.crypt files using undeleter.

3.How about the option in undeleter to wipe free space that overwrites and deletes the free space. Does it have permission to do the same for the .crypt files?