Can I connect my water damaged LG G4 to my smart TV via HDMI?


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I dropped my phone in water a few days ago at work. I tried the rice trick, but it didn't save my phone. The phone still "works"; it'll turn on and off if I hold down the power button, I can receive notifications, etc. Although, the screen is completely black. I'm desperately trying to save the pictures on my phone. Also, I stupidly never bothered backing up my photos to cloud storage. I came across an article that said you can connect your phone to your TV using an HDMI cord and adapter. I went out and bought a slimport HDMI adapter and hooked my phone to it then the adapter to the HDMI cable that is connected to my Samsung smart TV. I tried two different ports, but the TV still says there's no signal. Do you think there's an extra step I'm missing, or is this just not going to work due to the screen being black and/or not being able to get past the lock screen? If this idea is a bust, is there any other way I can save my photos or am I SOL? Thanks!

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