Can I fix a blacked out screen on my Galaxy S3?


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Nov 28, 2014
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Can i fix black out screen on Galaxy S3

I recently dropped my phone in water but when i got it out it was still working so I continued to use it. I thought the case may have protected from the water. I used for maybe another hour before the screen started to black out and then back on. I know it is still working because even while blacked out i could still hear my phone ring when i got calls and swipe screen to answer it. Turn my volume up and down and hear notifications go off. I would hold the bottom of screen hard and it would blink back on for a second. I then put it into rice but i continued to turn it on and off and it would do the exact same thing. All functions still working screen still black. Is there anything I can do to fix this? I took it apart and cleaned the motherboard and all parts with alcohol and brush, it is currently sitting in rice for about 12 hours now?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Can i fix black out screen on Galaxy S3

Read Wet Phone. If you still have questions you can add another post to the thread, but basically if you didn't remove the battery within seconds of the phone's getting wet, I'd say that you're VERY lucky if all you destroyed was the LED layer of the screen (which is what it sounds like) - and that requires a screen replacement. (Scrubbing [gently] with floods of alcohol is the proper thing to do to a wet phone, though. But you don't have to sit it in rice. Alcohol absorbs as much water in 5 seconds as a gallon jar of rice absorbs in a month. (That's why there's no such thing as 200 proof alcohol, unless it's bottled in a vacuum. Even in the desert, it'll absorb enough water to be about 199.999 proof in less than a second.)

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