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Can I get rid of the lil orange notification bubbles on app icons?


AC Question

I have a galaxy s7.

I forget exactly what they are called, but its the little orange notification bubbles that appear on the top righthand corner of the app icon when I get new stuff on Fb or Gmail, etc. I feel like I have to open the apps 50x a day to clear them and it's driving me crazy.

If there isn't a way to simply turn them off altogether, is there a way to at least change the color to something less abrasive than orange??

Thanks in advance, everyone! 💚


New member
Sep 17, 2016
you just need to access your settings and turn notifications off for yours apps. My phone u have to go to your sound settings, and then to Apps. Click on Apps and there u can turn off your notifications individually. It may be worded differentely on your phone but should be along those lines.

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