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Can I get some help flashing rom on my Starpad 3 Tablet (because malware installed as system app)?


New member
Jan 19, 2016
Help flashing rom on starpad3 tablet (because malware installed as system app)

I need help flashing rom on starpad3 tablet. I have malware installed as system app and a system recovery will not remove it.

I am handy with computers (web programmer) but have never reflashed a rom before, so i'm looking for an idiots guide to what I need to do and where to get any programs or images that I need.

I really hope you can help.


Retired Moderator
Feb 12, 2012
You need the Windows program that the manufacturer uses to flash their devices. Considering that it's an off-brand, I don't think you will. (Then you've got to find a ROM image to flash to the phone, and you probably won't find one - for the same reason.)

If anyone knows that I'm wrong, please feel free to jump in and post links.