Can I get some help getting a Note 4 in white, brand new and one that works?

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Dec 6, 2014
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Disappointing Note 4-Need help!


Two years ago, I finally decided to upgrade my flip phone to a Note 2 (paid total $125.00-monthly insurance). I swore that phone could have cleaned my house if I wanted it to...until the screen cracked (candle stick fell off the wall I think). Instead of paying $175.00 deductible for a "refurbished" note 2, I upgraded to a Note 4, went on payment plan, 2 yr contract and purchased my Note 4. Coming from a "flip phone" I've become quite the "phone snob" I use to make fun of...release date, first in line, requested, on hold, my white Note 4...I didn't dare use it until my screen protector and S-view case were on..dork I know. I had my phone for 20 days and intermittently certain functions wouldn't work. The store said I was "outside the 14 day return policy and wouldn't do anything, however, I waited for a very helpful store manager and he said he was willing to "exchange my phone for a brand new one in the store" however, they didn't have my white phone anymore and I could only get black...fine, I'm not that picky, just give me a phone that works.
So here I am, 16 days later, 45 minutes on the phone with T mobile, 30 minutes with Samsung and calling the local store manager to inform them my charging port is staring to crack....a common issue that has been brought to Samsung's attention. My phone does not "rapid charge" the way it use to (even the old "broken one" charged fast) and I'm dropping calls like you wouldn't believe (never use to happen). I treat my phone like the $750.00, monthly payment of $31.24, plus insurance, baby that it is...and I just want someone to help me and send me the phone I'm paying for...that works and now that I think about it...I want the color I choose, I waited in line for, put on hold and drove twice to the store to get! I'm even willing to send this phone back and revert to my Note 2-but T mobile says it's not an option-they will only send me a "refurbished phone" but I sure sent them "real money" for the last 10 years and I have insurance! Samsung said they can't replace it only "repair it"'s not even 2 weeks old!! Any advice on how I can get my Note 4, in white, brand new, and one that works?? Thanks for helping-first time posting here.


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Nov 25, 2011
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Re: Disappointing Note 4-Need help!

Have to ask the silly questions. Are you using Samsung charger that came with the phone? It won't quick charge with out it. As far as a cracking charging port, it's the first I've heard of this. Not saying it can't happen, but it can't be that common.

All the carriers do the refurbished phone after 14 days, if they have any. The Note is new enough they might not have any, and you'll get a new one anyway. Nobody here is going to be able to help with that. The only way is to get a tmobile employee to break some rules, and since they already did that once, and it will be notated on your account, it's gonna be tough.

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