Can I get some help pairing my phone to my car?

rick schreiber

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Nov 29, 2014
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HTC 1 (M7) Car phone Pairing failures

Had a new HTC 1 (M7) for one year plus.

Then it self kept rebooting about every three minutes or sooner. Wouldn't stop. Drove me crazy!

Went to Verizon store. They looked at it, suggested I get a new sim card. They did that on the spot.

Again failed after a few minutes after I left the store.

I performed a factory Reboot. No change. leted all of the bluetooth cache and data, etc. Nothing worked.

Verizon ordered me a new phone the next day.

Received it in three days. Great!

Took me over a day to get it back to my original setup on the original phone.

All is working well EXCEPT I cannot (after two days trying everything I can think of) pair my replacement phone to my car's bluetooth which worked flawlessly before.

I don't remember the old pin code and as I can't pair the replacement phone I can't delete the old pin code.


Thanks much .. . Rick


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: HTC 1 (M7) Car phone Pairing failures

Bring the phone back and ask them to order you one that has the ability to pair to a car's Bluetooth. (IOW, the replacement has a problem.)