Can I get some help switching to the big red (Verizon) from Sprint?

May 22, 2014
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Unlock and switch to the big red (Verizon) from Sprint

I got a galaxy note 2 with Sprint on it, and plan to switch over to Verizon wireless (I use one of those 3rd party companies that use Verizon lines) and I heard they don't like unlocked phones. I have a few basic questions, please note my phone doesn't have a SIM card. I like Sprint, but their coverage is more city based, and the problem there is I don't live in a city, and big red has got us covered under 4G LTE.

Will I be able to pick up a Verizon LTE service, I remember there was some sort of error with my older S3 and it roamed on a Verizon 4G network, i'd assume my Sprint note 2 can do the same, and is capable of picking up that signal.

Also, will the company be able to know I have an unlocked phone? Or will it assign me a new MEID with Verizon when I select that option, (Yes I know how to unlock, real simple process) And when I go to type in the MEID/ESN for activation, will it recognize it is on an unlocked phone, if so how do I fix that without doing anything illegal (Like changing the MEID, which is very complex, and illegal)

And will I be able to keep my current MEID I have on Sprint, if I select Sprint under the network options.

If you are confused on my wording, i'll be glad to help you out. Also if you know anything about the HTC One M7, will I be able to switch that over too, and would I also need a Verizon SIM.

Thanks for the help, I am not an expert so try not to be too complex, I also perfer to avoid CDMA tool if possible, I dread that software at times.

If there's also a way if 4G won't work to trick it into thinking I have a 3G only devise under Verizon that would be cool too. I don't expect this to even be possible without a dreadful process.

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