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Can I get some help with a headphone distortion audio problem and solution!?


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Oct 20, 2015
headphone distorted audio problem and solution!

I have a 2yr old samsung galaxy s3 workin on stock jb rom and boeffla kernel. Recently whenever I plug my headphone the sound is very distorted, cannot hear the vocals and music is kinda flat with weird noises or somtimes very low sound from only one side . Tried different headsets but its the same. Googled and noted similar problems for many and the solution is to replace the headphone jack or motherboard or may be hit the back of phone lol... Also tried tightening the screw near the jack but that dint work... I've been playin ppsspp games on it n kinda overclockin it to 1.6ghz. Sometimes durin streaming while charging it shows battery too hot please remove charger. So assumed that due to the overheating of phone the headphone jack might have expanded(lol) and the knobs are not making good contact or damaged.

Based on this hypothesis inserted an aluminium foil folded half way into the jack and then inserted the headphone and now its workin fine . It took many tries to get d aluminium foil in the right place but it did work....posting this in hope that it helps someone.
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