Can I get some help with bad battery life on my Moto 360 (need urgent help)?


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Bad battery life on Moto 360 (need urgent help)

Hi guys, so i just got a moto 360 on the 31st of July and till now im disappointed with it.
The thing is after i have read may posts about the battery life the conclusion i get is that i need to give some time to the watch so the battery can "normalize"?. It´s so bad right now, if i leave the watch home without any use i get a 10% drop in about 4 hours, but as soon as i put it on my wrist i can literally see the battery drop % by %.
So should i give the watch a few more days and charges or should i be worried and return it?

Another issue i have it´s with the android wear app. I can't seem to find that gear icon to go to the definitions. I simply can´t access the definitions on the app on my phone.

PS: I've tried some steps to improve battery life but to no success. They included reseting the watch and cleaning cache etc...

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