Can I get some help with my Galaxy S4?


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way to many problems samsung galaxy s4

ill try to make a list but i know i won't get everything, so when it restarts it freezes for hours on the at&t logo and there will be no sound, the only way to make it restart properly is if i hit it really hard. when the sound does work the music app will randomly play for no reason. i originally had to restart it cause the sound would randomly quit but that doesn't work anymore, the home button and other buttons aren't responding and i have to press it thousand times and it still won't work. the phone deleted my wallpaper and either replaces it with a black background (at which point its unresponsive) or the original blue background. all of the apps either quit or won't open, and its hard to do anything without it freezing up. i recently had a problem with it charging but its ok for now, this phone was great before it started all this, now its frustrating and useless. i basically have to restart it a million times to get it to semi function, and half the time it won't restart properly or at all, and once again freezes so i have to remove the battery. on phone calls theres again, no sound and the people on the other end can hear me. s-voice keeps randomly launching when i try to make the phone function..... it does random things, restarts for no reason, and does anything but what i want it to, id even say it has a mind of its own, please help...


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Jun 10, 2014
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Re: way to many problems samsung galaxy s4

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Have you considered a Factory Reset? If you do that, make sure that all your personal data is backed up first.

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