Can I get some help with my HTC M8?


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I need help with my htc m8.

Starting with a little introduction, my name is Hardish and i made this account just to ask for help. I bought a used m8 from a local shop dealer. It was fair deal but I forgot to put on screen protector. Some days ago I just broke the screen it was fully shattered completely making it unusable. I went to the same guy and he charged me 120 canadian dollars for the screen replace. After the screen replacement I am having more issues. Firstly the earpiece is ****ed up. There is so much distortion and noise cant even hear what the other person is saying on call and also the upper speaker is messed. I can upload a video of the sound if needed. Aside from these major issues there is one more issue that is the screen's brightness changes a little bit when screen is touched. its a like a screen effect and bugs a lot.

I asked that guy and he said it would cost me 20-25 dollars for new earpiece. I would probably buy a new earpiece and fix it myself if need be.
Please help me with a solution to this problem.

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