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Can I get some help with my Samsung Galaxy S3 charger issues?


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Issues, Please Help!

Hello, my Galaxy S3 has been having some issues (mainly with the USB port)
It all started when my usb charger would connect and disconnect randomly, I eventually found out it was the USB port of my phone that had the issues. But the thing is, even when my USB charger does manage to connect to my phone for a period of time, sometimes the phone won't even charge. The charging symbol is present, but the percentage goes up and down randomly, EVEN when the screen is turned off! Also, this morning when I took my phone off the charger, my phone said it was at 76%, about 1 minute later, (note my phone IS off the charger at this point) the battery randomly shot up to 98%, I was extremely confused.

Now I ordered a new battery and I've been looking into a wireless qi charger, and I've read that it doesn't charge using the USB port, making charging my phone possible. But my question is will the wireless qi charger fix all of the problems in the above paragraph? (Disconnecting randomly, saying its charging when its really not, and battery level acting funky) I've read that it's supposed to but I just need some reassurance. Thanks.


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Jun 10, 2014
Re: Samsung Galaxy S3 Issues, Please Help!

Yes, I imagine you've found a neat solution to your problems. :)

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