Can I get some help with my Verizon Galaxy S4 back button?


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Verizon Galaxy S4 - Back Button Trouble

My stock Verizon Galaxy S4 got some wetness behind the plastic cover over the weekend. The issue that I'm having is that the "Back" button on the bottom right does not light up and it is almost like it's being held down. The multi-window pops up on the right side and then will go away. There is haptic feedback and the button still functions as normal when pressed, but no illumination. I have soft reset the phone as well, but no hard rest yet. Any thoughts on what causes this problem?

Would the screen glass just need to be replaced or the entire screen/digitizer combo to fix this? The repair shop wanted to charge me $150+tax and I'd much rather do it myself if possible.

Thanks for the help!

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