Can I get some sending pictures and mobile data help?


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Sending pictures and mobile data help

Ok, this might have already been answered and I really apologize if it was. I recently went from an HTC Inspire 4G to a Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 and I'm really really confused. With both my HTC phones (Vivid and Inspire 4G) I never had to turn mobile data on but I still got pictures and could send them with no problem. The 4G LTE icon was always showing on my display but the mobile data in the settings was turned off. Now with the Galaxy Mega I have to turn on my mobile data to receive or send pictures and I never have the 4G showing unless the data is on. I asked AT&T they told me that sending pictures without mobile data was impossible and yet I was still doing it. I love sending pictures when I'm out and about but I've only got 3G shared between two phones because we thought we wouldn't ever need that much since the pictures/videos sent without using it. Now however I feel like I need to pick and choose what I send and what I decide to download from others. I really loved having the freedom of sending pictures whenever I wanted without having to worry about it and why does the 4G not ever show up unless data is on? Hopefully someone can be more help than AT&T was.


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Apr 23, 2011
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Re: Sending pictures and mobile data help

Sending pictures requires a data connection. Perhaps you were on wifi?


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Jul 26, 2015
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Re: Sending pictures and mobile data help

No I wasn't on wifi, everything in my connections menu was turned off my mom also has an HTC Vivid and it does the same thing. We showed someone at the store and she looked in the settings and was completely confused about it. The bad thing is I didn't have any choice but to use a different phone. I was really hoping that this phone would work the same and now I'm really concerned about the data charges. I can even post pictures of the Vivid if that would help at all.

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