Can I just turn off just cellular data for specific apps in Android 6.0?


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I'm looking to get a Galaxy S7 for my daughter and I want to be able to control which apps have access to cellular and Wi-Fi? This is a feature on the iPhone (the only feature I like about Apple). Example would be to only be able to use YouTube or Vevo over Wi-Fi, not cellular. From what I've read about the new app permissions on Marshmallow, you should be able to do this (restrict cellular data only on an app), however I can not find in any article where it simply says you can restrict cellular over Wi-Fi. I've read that you can turn off for example the microphone, camera, etc., but not cellular data. Appreciate the feedback.


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May 26, 2014
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I don't think you can. You may have surmised that already from the lack of responses. It would be nice!