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Can i play music from moto g4 plus to home Panasonic stereo


AC Question

Last year I bought a Panasonic stereo as it had a iPod dock to play music from my I iPhone 4s to my stereo. It was the old 30 pin dock. All was going well until my iPhone broke. I decided to get a Motorola g4 plus thinking I would be able to play music through USB port on my stereo. Unfortunately, this didn't work even though I tried numerous things in developers option's debugging USB etc. I then ordered a female 30 pin to midi USB thinking this would work on the iPod channel. It didn't work on USB or iPod channel. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Ty

the tall guy

Q&A Team
Sep 23, 2013
Hi - it sounds like the stereo is only designed to play Apple products. Have you contacted the stereo manufacturer to query it?