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Can I please get some help with my S3?


AC Question

Stalled loading

I decided to reset my SAMSUNG S3 to factory settings, I did so, and during the re-loading process my battery died. The phone is now stalled. When I turn it on it goes past the little green android man shooting off screen and then stalls at the "SAMSUNG" screen. The screen does go from darker to lighter and it "seems" to be loading but no matter how long I wait, it never leaves that screen and never finishes the loading. I have removed the battery, hard reset it and let it set for 2 days and then tried again, all to no avail. Does anyone have any constructive advice?


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Dec 4, 2012
Re: Stalled loading

Welcome to the forums. You may have to reflash the stock ROM. If you are near a Best Buy, there might be a Samsung service center there that should be able to do it.