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Can I reset or backup my Gear S2 back a couple of days?

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I lost my old phone that my Gear S2 was synced to and realized all my phone numbers where on my watch. Before I could write all them down I synced it to my new phone with less phone numbers and now my watch has the contacts list and not my old one.
Can I back up the watch a couple of days and find my old contacts list again?
My old laptop would do this when you backed it up and would go back up to 6 months prior.
I never put any info on cloud so that's out of the question. I saw the other similar question and saw your response, but I already synced to my new phone thinking my old contacts would go to my new phone....
Any and all information will be greatly appreciated!!!

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
I moved this to the Gear S2 forum for more specific traffic.