Can I sell a phone that money is still owed on it, will the person purchasing the phone be able to active and use it?


AC Question

Putting different phone on Edge plan acct using old SIM card/selling original Edge plan phone.

I have a 45 day old phone (A) on VZN Edge Plan. I hate phone - it drains battery too fast (I've tried every fix). I want to sell it and get a different phone (B) (I'll buy unlocked Verizon phone outright). I want to put my SIM card from phone (A) in new phone (B) and sell old (A) . I realize I'm obligated to continue the Edge plan for the 2 yrs, which I would do. Would I be able to sell phone (A) that is the one i got w/ Edge if phone (B) has my SIM card in it and I'm making the timely payments as agreed? - ie will whoever buys phone (A) be able to activate and use it? Does VZN care what phone I'm using as long as I'm making the monthly Edge payments? Thanks!

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