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Can I send a text to multiple recipients at once?


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can I send a text to multiple recipients at once

I got many, mant answers to a job I out vCard on craigs list. I dont want to tell wach one that the job is filled.


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Dec 6, 2011
Re: can I send a text to multiple recipients at once

Sending SMS or MMS messages is simple with most apps. Simply add each contact to the "To" field before or after creating the message and hit send. If they are not actual contacts, but individual numbers, you should use the area code and simply space in between each number. One thing you may want to do prior to this is look at your settings for a setting that causes group messages to be created as individual threads. This will prevent recipients from unintentally getting the numbers of the other recipients. This will also prevent any responses from going to all recipients and coming only to you.

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