Can I transfer DVD films from my PC via sd card to my new Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2


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Hi, I am new to tablet world! I hope someone can help in very easy terms. (I'm not that young).
I want to burn some DVD films we have transfer them onto an sd card so they can be played on the tablet when we are away from home, but from what I have gathered from others it is not that simple.
Please Help!!


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Feb 12, 2012
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It is, as long as the DVDs aren't copy-protected (IOW, commercial DVDs with movies). You just have to make sure that you have an app on the tablet that can play the file format and video format of the files. (The file format is like an envelope, the video format is like the words on the letter inside the envelope - you can have an app that can handle one but not the other). Try MX Player.

If the DVDs are copy-protected it's illegal to copy them, so it can't be discussed here (and I won't discuss it privately, so don't bother). These days, however, most movie DVDs come with a digital copy - which you can use for a computer or tablet (or phone).

BTW, "young" has nothing to do with it. Most of us who were involved in the primitive days of computer development, and can still make these puppies sit up and "speak", have been retired for a while. The young are just more confident, not more knowledgeable.

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