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Can I use Gear Tasks without syncing with Google?


New member
Dec 1, 2010
Gear Tasks & syncing with Google

Hi there,

Got my Gear S today, so far lovin' it :) just learning my way around in it and hope I don't find a reason to have to return it. I'm so pleased they rounded the screen! Makes all the difference in the world to me and on top of that it's more comfortable to wear than the Gear 2 that I tried out and returned. Could still be less height for my tastes and hopefully they'll move in that direction soon.

Ok, on to my question ... I'd like to set up some repeating tasks and in order to set up any tasks I have to login to Google which tells me Gear Tasks uses Google Tasks. I do *not* currently use nor do I want to use Google for my calendar. I don't mind using GTasks for my Gear S notifications but that's ALL I want to use it for.

So, is there a way to use the Gear Tasks without having that dang Google calendar sync to my DejaOffice app on my Note 3? I'm currently using DejaOffice for both calendar and tasks and they don't have app at all for smartwatches.

Thanks so much for any and all help.