Can I use my Nexus 5X in an armband for running?


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I want to use my Nexus5X in an armband for running

but I want to keep it in my Spigen case to protect it. What then is the best armband? The usual Nexus5x armbands are just too tight with the minimally thicker case. I'm thinking that a large Galaxy case might fit. Anyone else have this problem? Ideas?


Feb 28, 2016
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You would probably find it a lot more comfortable to use a belt instead of an armband. Personally, I think the Nexus 5x is too big to run comfortably with it on your arm.

I actually tried this one for use at the gym (pretty generic and similar to other designs) - cannot post links. It was OK at the gym but would not be good for running. Here is my review from Amazon...

For the price it seems to be made really well. It fits the Nexus 5x perfectly, I do not have a case on mine but it should not be a problem with a thinner type case. I kept my gym membership card behind the phone in the same pocket. The headphone port lines up correctly with the cut out in the armband, although I use Bluetooth headphones. I was able to control the screen over the “plastic”, front panel although it is never easy to do when it is on your arm.

Now for the downsides. I measured my bicep and it is around 14.5” inches. With the phone I can barely get the strap to work, it is too short. I could not attach the strap at its widest point, then slide it up my arm and finally make a tighter closure. Instead I had to strap it through the outer slit while holding it in place against my arm, not the easiest thing to do. Also, the strap does not have any stretch to it so you have to make sure you have it tight enough to stay in place but not too tight to be uncomfortable.

Since the fit is too tough for me, I’m giving it 3 stars. The description says it will fit up to a 17.5 inch arm, but there is no way that is possible with the phone in there. However, if you have smaller arms (I promise mine are not big), then I would probably recommend this armband given the quality and price.

LG Nexus 5X Armband Case for Running Workout Exercise Housework Sports Activity by Noot


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Oct 9, 2013
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I use my nexus 5X in an arm band while running and I have my nexus in the Google case. The case with the felt on the back. The arm band that I have is made by Tune Belt and I purchased on Amazon for $18.

The arm band works well and I have no complaints. I have been pondering on trying out a flip belt though too. I have never used a belt before. But I can say that the Tune Belt arm band does work with the 5X that is in a case too.

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