Can I use UK firmware on a phone bought from UAE

Maged Samuel

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Jan 29, 2014
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I got a LG G2 phone (16 GB Unlocked, SIM free) from Emirates but I'm using it in Egypt and I'm running this software version: D80210e-AME-XX
Because of many reasons including that updates in middle east are kinda slow compared to USA and Europe and many other reasons, I'd like to update to the UK open firmware located here:
Lg G2 Firmware List
and I'm talking about the 6GB/UNITED KINGDOM_OPEN_16G [V10F] specifically

My questions are:
1 Are there any issues along the way if I flashed and used this one instead?

2 This UK version is lesser in size than my stock KDZ (I found my stock ROM to be 2 GB when I attempted to download it compared to 1.96 GB for the UK firmware mentioned above). Does that mean the UK version is less in bloatware (it's like 1.96 GB)?

3 This UK version seems to be more updated (F) while the one installed on phone has E. What might be newer than what I'm currently using? (Of course I know that both are still JellyBean but not sure why the UK has an F while mine has an E)

Many thanks in advance

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