Can just the front glass be replaced on an S8+?

King Mustard

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Mar 27, 2011
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Please see the photo below.

I have asked various local places for repair costs for it.

They are telling me they would need to replace the body, front panel and back panel, costing £230-£260 total.

Are they correct?



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Feb 12, 2012
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Pretty much. And if they could replace just the glass, it's a lot more work. (Replacing less is more work? Yes - they'd have to heat the glass just to the point that the glue bonding it to the layer beneath it softens just enough - and all over the entire glass at once - and the temperature range between that and damaging the screen is a few degrees, so it takes a very experienced tech and a lot of time - and that means a lot of money.) Besides, the body holds the glass in and it's probably damaged enough that they won't guarantee the job unless they replace it. If they replace the body, the back panel has to be replaced.

An expensive, very protective case is a lot cheaper. An Otterbox Defender for the S8+ is only $70 - about £55. A lot less than broken glass, (If you saw my Note 3 fly into a wall glass-first, with a lot of speed, you'd understand why I'm recommending it. Not a mark, not a scratch - to the phone, the case, the wall, nothing. That was 4 years ago - I'm selling the phone now. It still looks brand new. And I've dropped it a few other times. At 76, you're not as sure-fingered as you were when you were younger. Still not a mark on it.)


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Feb 3, 2011
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Little late to recommend a case. Have you called Samsung, because the phone is already a couple of year old if you happen to get a nice person they can be very helpful. I had no warranties but took a chance with a similar situation and Samsung offered me a refurbished S8 Plus for $75.00 and it was perfect would have thought it was new. The only thing was the phone needed to be paid off with whatever carrier you got it from because you receive an unlocked phone. That also taught me never buy a phone from a specific carrier just get an unlocked one from Samsung and you can use it with anyone you choose.

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