Can not Play Video from HTC EVO LTE Looking for a legit video recovery software or company?


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Videos from my HTC EVO 4g LTE will not play. The video looks like it plays. The length of the video, and the size of the data seem intact. The problem is it is just black on the screen. The reason I believe the solutions out there do not work is that when these videos were imported from phone to desktop, the desktop imported them through windows media player instead of the sync player software which comes with the phone. Most posts deal with the fact that even with the sync player you have to use Quick time to play the videos. I have tried Quick time, VLC and a multitude of free softwares out there but still nothing. I believe WMP has attached its own codec or other decoder which these other programs are reading as the right setup even though they are not which is confusing the end video player. So in essence to round out my question. Is there an actual decoding program or service that can actually interpret the data or decipher and attach the appropriate coding so that my children's home videos are not lost forever. Thank you.

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! Are the videos still available on your phone? If so, have you tried just using Windows Explorer to drag and drop them to your computer's hard drive, instead of using Windows Medial Player?

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