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can only text over wifi using the message+ app but i was able to do it over the default samsung app


AC Question


I reset my phone due to my battery dying fast in my Galaxy s7 edge, but now i can only text over wifi using the verizon messaging app ( which is just ugly ).


Jun 17, 2017
Hi, are you able to make calls over your cell network (not over wifi)? When you reset your phone, Verizon may have asserted it's dominance over your device and auto config'd it's own preferences on your phone. Go into settings > Applications > click the little three vertical dot tab in the upper right-hand corner; select DEFAULT APPLICATIONS > look for MESSAGING APP, and choose the messaging app YOU want to use. After, make sure DEFAULT APP SELECTION is set to ASK BEFORE SETTING DEFAULT APPS. Hopefully it's that simple, and your problem is solved. If not, check your cellular carrier and make sure Verizon is set as your carrier. Lastly, just out of curiosity, would you explain why you reset your phone because of battery life to begin with? Hope all that helped a little! Cheers!