Can samsung sm-g900r7 ntelos or sm-g900p sprint be rooted without a pc

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I have both S5 models im inquiring about. I use the sprint model as my phone and the ntelos model for games as im told cannot be used on the straight talk network that ive been using for 3 years now. I very much want to root one of these phones however im looking for a one click solution (free would be most preferred) i read a thread from 2 years ago concerning the 900r7 model and it says it can only be rooted if it is 4.4.3 firmware and would have to be downgraded to root. Did that guy ever have success? Im really hoping someone knows how to root one of these phones without having to use a pc to do it with. If so please share it with me as i have wasted countless hours in search of a root apk or something to do this with. I know about the cf-root and even have the zip file download but am very leary of this as it warned of bricking if i dont have exactly the right file to sideload. Also are the bootloaders locked on either of these devices? If so how do i unlock them to keep from bricking if i have to use that method eventually. Im really confused as to how everything ive read is 2 years old or older relateing to these two devices and apps like kingroot say they are constantly updating and adding new devices. So if thats true why is their still not a way to one click the particular models of s5?
Thankyou in advance for any answers you can provide.

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