Can someone help me address this (potential) software issue?


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Sep 15, 2017
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I went to London England in August. Had my S7 on airplane mode the entire time. Suddenly, it started to get hot and the battery drained at a rapid rate. I couldn't use my keyboard and the phone kept restarting itself every two minutes or so.

I turned the phone off to avoid causing any potential damage due to the heat.

Arrived in the Ukraine, I tried clearing the cache partition. The keyboard function returned briefly but soon afterwards, all the same problems returned. I turned it off again to avoid damage.

After coming home to Canada after my holidays, I tried turning the phone on. When it connected to a network, it seemed to function normally. I checked - no updates had installed. For the next three weeks I never had an issue with it, and it was as if nothing was ever wrong.

However, I just started working as a pilot and I flew up to northern Ontario a couple days ago, where there are no cell towers. The exact same problem and same symptoms occurred again. When I finished my day back in my home city, everything returned to normal! Today, one final time, I turned it on in northern Ontario and it started right away... and as you may have guessed, I'm back home with cell reception and it's working just fine.

I have no idea what could possibly be happening. What really worries me is that, because it only seems to happen out of country/out of tower range, if I send it in to Samsung (as it's still under warranty) they will just ship it back and say nothing is wrong! But I need my phone to at least be able to function enough to use Wi-Fi when I am flying up north...

Does this sound like a software issue? My carrier has already given me a new sim card so I know that's not the problem.. and wiping the cache partition doesn't fix anything either.

Thanks for the help and/or input.



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Mar 22, 2011
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Welcome to Android Central. I can see it using battery while it keeps hunting for towers, why not turn mobile data off in those areas if you have access to wifi? If you have no wifi either, then turn the entire phone off. I do not like airplane mode, have seen many problems like the one you posted.