Can someone help me fix my phone. None of my apps work anymore (facebook, IG, Youtube, twitter etc.)

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I have an LG Stylo. Even my text messging app and even the Clock keeps crashing or wont open. I can't do anything with it. Yes I've rebooted it. Hard booted it or whatever that is that requires holding down the volume and power button. Factory reset and all... 3 times. Smh. Its frustrating. None of the apps that are pre-installed work either. Like Google play store. And even when I'm not doing anything, every 5-30secs I get a "Unfortunately..." Gmail, Yahoo etc. Anybody. If you know how to fix this. Help me please.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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If it's still happening in Safe Mode, especially after a factory reset, that's not a great sign -- it implies that something is wrong with the firmware or hardware. Did you get the phone directly from a carrier? If so, which one?