Can someone help me with a few issues that I am having with my (ZTE Warp 4g)?


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Sep 4, 2012
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weird things happing in a ZTE warp 4g after last upgrade

I have a ZTE Warp 4g model n9510. Boost Mobile sent one of its auto system update's to my phone.
1st thing is how do I turn off the auto update. I liked the old layout. I missed a few calls because the sys update changed how to answer a call.
2nd. After the update was done. The phone now turns the wi-fi port on, on it's own. The phone uses more juice from the battery with the wi-fi port on.
3rd The update installed a wi-fi hotspot app that wasn't there before. I setup the wi-fi hotspot and I got the following error message when I try to turn on the wi-fi hotspot "unable to connect to the data network; turning off wi-fi hotspot. Your plan may not have hotspot service. Do you want to see subscription options?" I do have wi-fi hotspot service. My old Kyocera Hydro phone worked fine as a wi-fi hotspot on the same Boost Mobile plain that I have now. I can use the ZTE phone as a usb cable driven hotspot to my laptop and it works. The app is called "easy tether". It isn't much faster then dialup. But in a pinch it is better then no isp when the phone company DSL is down.
4th I don't need the extra bells and whistles. How do I dump the update and go back to previous setup?