can someone please help me


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Nov 24, 2011
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hi ive rooted and flashed roms to a few different phones now (evo, optimus ) and i understand the process but im trrying to root and get clockwork on my friends vibrant and im getting before the flaming starts ive read the stickied thread and tried everthing but im still stuck somewhere ...i was able to get the device rooted no problem with super one click installed titanium and did full back up of apps..i follow the link for stock 2.2 must do do 3e recovery mod i put the phone in usb debuggin gmode and ran the batch script and everything went through fine gave me the option to reboot or to reboot in recovry i rebooted phone downloaded clockwork through rom manager and booted back to recovery did the reinstall package files and it just keeps brinign me back to 3e screen...the 3e mod has an included with it and im not sure if im missing a step with that zip file...any help would be greatly appreciated i gave it about 2 hours before my friend had to leave so id like to try and finish it tonight in advance thank you for any help you can give me