Can the Android Samsung Link recover old pictures?

Sade Nichole

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Nov 19, 2014
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Android Samsung Link old pictures...Help!!!

I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and then moved to a different city and state to be with my now ex where I sold it. I had an SD card, and used it within my new phone the Samsung Galaxy 4. But, when the new IPhone 5s came out I made the switch and got that. Per sprint they said I could download my pics from a Samsung Link app because I had to make an account to have on my phone anyways when I had the Galaxy S4. Long story short ex and me broke up due to him being abusive and so in the haste of the quick move home I misplaced my SD card. I have a new Samsung Galaxy S5 with no SD card and when I go online to Samsung there are no pics, media, or documents in either account. I have some pics that I had throughout my stay there on my dropbox account which has helped a bit but I am really wanting the pics before I even moved which will be on that SD card. I was hoping the note was hooked up to Samsung link as well but I am not sure, any ideas? These pics are just important to me because they were before this past year which was really hard on me emotionally and physically due to him but I would just love to be able to see how happy I was before I ever met him and maybe start on my journey back to being her again, thanks for everything.

B. Diddy

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Mar 9, 2012
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Re: Android Samsung Link old pictures...Help!!!

Welcome to Android Central! I'm not familiar with Samsung Link, but any kind of automatic backup of photos to a cloud service (like Google+ Auto Backup) would have had to be set up by you. It's not automatic. So unless you recall setting things up to backup photos to the cloud, they are unfortunately not going to be there. Your best hope is to find that SD card.

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