Can We have our cake and eat it too?


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Jun 17, 2010
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Verizon is the Cake but it doesn't appear they will let us eat it too.
Very disturbing the way Verizon is handling its new products. Don't get me wrong they have come out with some decent phones, Droid Charge,Droid Thunderbolt and LG Revolution this year. All are examples of fine phones but nothing spectacular compared with the phones Sprint and AT&T have come out with. Verizon is the premier cell phone service provider bar none. Overall customer satisfaction has proven this. Other providers may have their niche spots within the USA but Verizon is the benchmark which other cell phone providers should strive to be. Now with that said why are we not getting the best of the best phones. I am so tired of other carriers enjoying the most updated and most spectacular phones while us Verizon customers seem to get the left overs. I will not leave Verizon for a phone but I would love to see Verizon start setting the benchmark for the types of phones that come out and stop playing catch up to inferior providers.
Thank you for letting me rant my frustration.


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May 5, 2010
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It's ok, no frets. I've expressed my condolences In the Verizon s2 thread already but you can look at it this way. You guys will be getting one bad phone in the form of a Prime with specs and the newest version of software that will make all of us feel like the new girl moved into the neighborhood and were stuck with the hott girl thats already been around the block while the Verizon bachelors are readily available. Everyone's saying it's vapor right now but Phil called the Prime a while ago for Vz along with an October launch. And all you guys have to do is run one more lap :] Cheer up. Isn't it worth waiting 4 or 5 more weeks than the rest of us?

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