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Can you make a Samsung that can text IPad's and IPod's?


AC Question

I have a lot of friends that aren't allowed to have phones yet and I can't text them because they have IPad's and IPod's. I also have a friend that is deaf and I can't facetime her or text her or email her because I have a Samsung and she has an IPad. I would really like to stay friends with her and stay in touch so if there was any way you could somehow update the Samsung Galaxy s5 so they can text IPad's and IPod's that would be absolutely great!!! But I totally understand if that's not really possible but please try your hardest!!!! Thanks!- Grace

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
Welcome to Android Central! iMessage is not available on Android--however, Google Hangouts is available on iOS. Ask your friends to install the Hangouts app, and you can then message them that way. Hangouts allows you to have group chats and video chats as well.