Canada Conundrum: The Top Two "No Shows"


Jan 17, 2010
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I'm going to keep it simple:
Ex-Blackberry user, looking for something progressive, adaptable.

Canada = 3year contracts: I would like something future proof (for at least the contract)

Milestone is set to be released soon, but with the possibilities of the Nexus One being prepped for European usage, I should be able to use it here as well. Logic behind that is simply because, if Canada gets the Milestone we should be able to use the Euro - Nexus One?

So, as a potential Android user, my question to Milestone / Droid / Nexus owners is, should I just go for what has been confirmed to come to Canada (Milestone) or try to grab a Nexus overseas?

Is the difference between the two substantial enough?
Both essentially have the same software(should be soon enough).

Screen Resolution is in favour of the Milestone but the type of screen is in favour of the N1.
Processor is in favour of the N1 but I don't see that being properly utilized for awhile, so does it even matter?

I'm sure a few Canadians or anyone debating between the two anywhere else as well has been pondering about this, any suggestions?

Side Note: Should I even consider the Hero?

Thanks everyone,

Jan 18, 2010
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I've actually been wondering about many of the same things. From what I understand, you could get the N1 now but it would only fully work with Wind Mobile. I'm not sure however if the software would work completely but I don't see why not. Problem being no multi-touch in US version so waiting for the European version may be better anyway (or could the software simply be updated later on the US version of the N1?).

I'm also wondering if waiting for a Telus/Bell compatible 3G N1 would be a good way to go. Would a European version work correctly with Telus/Bell (provided it runs on the correct 3G frequency)? Would there be any issues with the OS being for a non Canadian market?

Also, would an unlocked Milestone work on Bell's network? I ask this just in case Telus completely ruins the Milestone by locking down many of the cool and interesting features as they are known to do (e.g. no streaming anything other than YouTube on BBs).

I always lament at the state of the mobile industry in Canada... at least a few YEARS behind any other major industrialized country (an I'm mainly refering to the devices available... the plans are a whole other topic).

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