[canceled] Phone don't start after root


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Dec 24, 2012
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Yesterday I tried to root my Galaxy S i9000 with Android 2.3.6, but it doesn't reboot.
It stays on the boot screen, which switches off and on.

And I don't have any backup :'( (actually I decided to root to install Titanium Backup...).

Here is what I did with my phone:
  • I followed this tutorial
  • After I finished the tutorial, the boot screen was displayed on my phone, and switched off and on (still connected to the computer).
  • I waited 40mn, thinking that the boot wasn't finished.
  • Then I though that the phone wasn't able to boot when connected to the computer, so I unplugged it
  • It didn't change, so I tried to switch off, but nothing happened
  • I removed the battery to try to reboot. I had once again the boot screen, switching off and on.
  • I tried to root once again, following the same method (but this time I waited all the night to see if the root was just very long). But the same thing happened

I hope someone can help me!
I would like to keep my data, but if it's impossible, I want at least my phone back :p.

Edit: I did a factory reset, and the phone still didn't start. So I sent it to repair.
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Praveen Kumar3

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Feb 20, 2013
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my samsung galaxy s i9000 ANYCALL .
got stuck at ANYCALL logo while updating to ICS .
and it is stuck at logo and not detecting to computer or not going into recovery mode/download mode with volume key , home and power keys .
i tried that USB JIG also , phone is not responsive .
it is stuck at that ANYCALL logo only.
Please help me in this problem.
million thanx if u reply please.
non of the above methods worked.
phone is just stuck at SAMSUNG ANYCALL logo.

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