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Cannot charge my S7 wired. Wireless works but flaky.


New member
Mar 7, 2018
Friday night my Samsung Edge S7 cannot charge connected by wire. I tried different wires...different usb plugs. No use. I purchased a wireless charger and it works great for charging although the phone refused to charge sunday night.

But the charging port is OK since I can connect to my PC and it does charge. Again, that's flaky as well. Now, the PC does not recognize the phone beyond a few seconds. It keeps complaining that the USB device malfunctioned and I'm unable to locate a driver. I cannot use odin or such apps because the phone is not recognized by the PC.

Needless to say I already tried hard reboot. What are my options before I look for another phone? I love my S7 edge. Thanks!


Well-known member
Jan 17, 2013
Sounds like your micro USB port may be damaged or just plain worn out.

First, though, I'd take some compressed air and try to blow any dust or debris out of it: this happens often to phones which are commonly stored in a pocket. If you have a magnifying glass a strong light source, look in there and see how it looks. Sometimes you might require a toothpick or sliver of wood to pull out stuff that's packed-in there.