Cannot sync/drag & drop anything to Nexus 7 tablet (2012)


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Aug 21, 2013
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Hello all -

I'm experiencing a very frustrating issue when trying to sync music and media to our new Nexus 7 tablets. We've tried several fixes from this forum and around the web, but still can't get anything to work. Here are the issues we're having:

1. When connecting the tablet to the computer (both Windows 7 home 64) with the included USB, we get the standard "your device drivers are being installed" message but the drivers never successfully install.

2. We downloaded and successfully installed the OEM USB Drivers | Android Developers and still, nothing is transferring. These are the following errors we're getting: Through Windows Media Player, music is not syncing at all with "error" under sync status (it won't give us more information than that) or getting stuck on 1% for thirty minutes (we didn't let it go past that mark) for one song. When we try to drag and drop the music, we get an error saying "Do you want to copy "song.mp3" to your device?> Yes. > Your file will be copied, but you might not be able to play or view it on your device. When we click play anyway, it sits at approximately 1%, much like the WMP sync.

Either way, we are unable to sync any music to our tablets and I don't have the technical expertise to try anything else. If anyone has any suggestions or tips, they would be much appreciated!

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