Cannot tap on anything in Launcher 10


May 22, 2017
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Hi. About a week or two ago, I installed Launcher 10 and set it up. A few days after doing so however, the launcher seems to have just stopped working. I also didn't like this first setup and thinking I may have glitched it somehow, I created a new one. A few days after the new one was created, the same issue came back. I cannot tap on anything at all and the only way I can open an app is if I very quickly tap on it many times. I also get the occasion full black/white screen and the launcher loading, disappearing and then coming back again.

I cannot find anything about how to fix this issue, I can't even find anyone with this issue at all. Currently, I am using Square Home as a substitute which is a great launcher and I do love it, however Launcher 10 is much closer to a Windows Phone style home screen.

Oddly enough, when I reinstall it, everything seems to work fine, but as soon as I open any of my backups, the same issue reoccurs. I suppose I could create another home screen setup when I reinstall it, however I am almost positive that the same issue will arise as it did two times before.

I've tried: Restarting, reinstalling and trying two different home setups.

- Galaxy S20+
- Android 13
- One UI 5.1
- Latest version of Launcher 10