Can't access my files on OPPO F1s from computer anymore


AC Question

Hey, I'm using OPPO F1s.
Before I upgraded my laptop to windows 10, i could access all files (Phone Storage & SD Card) in my laptop.
Since using windows 10, now i only can transfer Image & Video.
Music, internet downloaded picts, etc cannot be read anymore from my laptop.
On my OPPO, i found 3 options on "Transmit files via USB". The optuons are : “Charge Only”, “File” and “Image”.
I've tried choosing "File" but my laptop showed "CD Drive (E:) OPPO Driver."
If i click on it, it shows "setup exe" > Yes / No . I chose Yes, but nothing happen. I still can’t access my other files except images & videos.
Anyone has the same issue? Thanks for your help