Can't assign custom mp3 sounds to my text message notifications


Nov 9, 2017
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All I show is the default sounds and doesn't give me the option to access all my custom sounds in the Audio files folder on my phone. This is for text messages. That is the only app I want to change. My old phone - S10e - shows the same files and allows me to pick from anything in the Ringtones folder.

I have two text messages apps, the default app from Samsung and the Google text message app. Both won’t allow me to select any sound from my Audio Files folder on my phone.

When I select Settings, Sounds and vibration, I have 3 selections there, Ringtone, Notification sound, and System sound. All are set. Under Ringtone, I have the option to select files from my Audio folder – they just show up under Custom.

Under notification sound, that is the location where the incoming text message gets it’s sound from. In the list, it does not show my files in my Audio folder. This is where my problem is, I’m having to use the default loaded sounds and it won’t show my files in the Audio folder.

And, as a side note, under System sound theme, I only show 4 sounds to pick from and no option to select anything else

The phone is a Galaxy S21 FE 5G, Model SM-G990W2, One UI version: 5.1, Android version: 13.

Any help is appreciated

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